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A life changing dip in the Ocean!

A common site on our Cape beaches is someone soaking up the warm African sun and then going to dip themselves in the aqua blue ocean, only to run out screaming from the icy temperature. Our bodies are designed to react to that kind of shock! After all the Cape waters range from 8 – 18 degrees Celcius, averaging around 12 degrees on most days.

I too would only splash myself and then dream of owning a swimming pool, until I was introduced to the Wim Hof Practice 3 years ago. After doing a few yoga practices combined with intense breathing exercises, I learned how to reprogramme my mind about the cold and understand its benefits. As my body cut through the icy waters, I focused on my breath and mustered my will to simply surrender to its magic. And yes our bodies are magical, as after a short moment I was playing freely in the waves with intense joy!

This practice not only changed my entire life, as the health benefits are profound, but I now love our cold ocean and spend my weeks exploring the magnficent sea life that floats below. I’ve been privileged to play with an octopus – such intelligent creatures, watch a cuttlefish shapeshift into fascinating camoflaged shapes and colours and I was hypnotizied by the iridecent colours of nudibranches. I’ve watched a shark kill – ok that may be too adventurous for some, but it was very primal! And my favourite all time high is to swim with dolphins as they are so curious and intelligent. One time I was swimming only 3 meters away from a whale breaching – simply magestic! The cutest inter-animal play was to dance the cha cha with a seal – who knew seals know how to dance! Or simply to lull in the waves with the sunset splintering and sparkling all around me. This is such intense joy! All of these incredible expriences has opened up my world to feel invigorated and alive!

Our magnificent Cape ocean is abundant with life and contains all the vital elements, vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, and amino acids to be called therapy. Sea water is bacteriostatic and the cleansing and healing properties of saline have been recognized for many years. Naturopaths believe that bathing in sea water acts directly on chronic health disorders. They believe that cool sea water calms down overwrought nerves, tranquillizing the whole body

Wim Hof has revolutionised the practice worldwide. Besides the exhilaration of overcoming your fear of cold water the following is how it benefits our bodies:
o hormone balancing (insulin, leptin, testosterone, adiponenctin, irisin)
o neurotransmitter production and brain function
o reducing inflammation
o vascular toning
o mental alertness
o mood elevation through vagus nerve stimulation
o body composition
o better sleep
o boosted immunity
o increased strength
o increased pain tolerance
o improve libido

I am offering 2 hour introductory programme to kickstart your cold water therapy. This will include an introduction to the principles of Wim Hof practice, doing the breathwork and then a cold water immersion. For more information please email info@avatara.co.za


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